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These are all "one-of-a-kind", custom crafted jewelry pieces.  They are professionally crafted by Judy Champa.

Buy the necklace and get the matching earrings free. 



The season of gift giving is rapidly approaching. Jewelry makes the perfect gift for the one you love, or even, just for yourself.  These beautiful necklaces have been expertly hand-crafted by Judy Champa, co-owner, designer and bead expert.  Each necklace comes with a matching pair of earrings - now - free with purchase of that necklace.  Since these are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art, once they are sold, they are no more.  So, if you see something you like, stop by and check it out before it is in the hands of another.  The above necklace is made from turquoise and is $94.99 and the matching earrings are included at no charge.  This is our way of saying "Thank You".

Swirling Seas

The focal piece in this necklace is made from a mixture of blues, greens and gold, worked into a beautiful lampworked bead that measures approximately 40mm by 25mm. It is accented with sterling silver findings, natural stones and Swarovski Crystals in blue, turquoise and frosted crystal.  It measures approximately 16 inches and has a nice clasp that helps prevent accidental release but is very easy to remove.  

$89.99 At this piece it is a great value even before you add the fact that the pair of earrings will be included at no extra charge.

The Tiger's Dream

The Mahogany Obsidian pendant that graces this necklace has both tiger's eye and crystal accents.  The rich mahogany color is carried throughout the necklace with the addition of the deep brown of the tiger's eye stones.   And to make sure that it "pops" with that something extra, peach crystals have been added.  The whole necklace is pulled together with the use of the Gold-filled beads and findings that give this piece a look of elegance the wearer can be proud of.  This piece is only $64.99 and with the earrings being added at no additional cost, this is a very good deal.  Overall length of this piece is 22 inches with the focal piece adding another 3+ inches.

Blue-Hot and Grass Green

This piece was a little confusing to my senses.  At first impression, it reminded me of spring grass fields that weren't quite that radiant green you see later in the summer, with the touches of very light green that you see first thing in the spring.  But the Lampworked bead evokes feelings of danger in the flames of blue I see when working with hot metals.  But somehow, the two fit perfectly in the colors and textures.  And there's a little splash of crystal for that extra touch of light-play.  This piece is finished with Sterling Silver beads and findings to give it a richness.  At the price of $54.99 it is a great value, but add in the earrings without an extra charge and you have quite an added gift for no added cost. (and yes, we know the earrings are different colors.  We did this on purpose for interest)


Golden Sunset

I am sometimes teased when I tell people that some stones tell me what they want to be when they grow up but  as soon as I met these wonderful pieces of Boswanan Agate, they told whispered to me, and when I didn't listen, they began yelling. The colors in this piece lend themselves very well to the gold filled additions that were made to the necklace.  And the black, stone cylinder beads made it possible for the agates to stand on their own, but have the negative space that the black stones added.  If someone in your life loves the richness of natural stones and the variety of stones in different shapes, this is the piece for them, or you.  And with the added benefit of the earrings being added for no additional price, the accolades will be in your near future.  $89.99