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Judy Champa 
Judy Champa



Spring earrings 1 




Spring Earrings 2 



Wishbone earrings 




Custom Designed Earrings by Judy


Judy at work 





These earrings were created by Judy. 

  Judy's loop earrings


  bronze washer earrings Easter Candy earrings

     bronze washer Dagger Hoops

   Spirial Beauties  Wonderful Beauties

 A Classic Heirloom

When you pass on something special to one of your heirs, it is called an "heirloom".  When that item is very special - and valuable, it is called a classic heirloom.  We sell everything needed for you to create that piece of wearable art that you can be proud to pass on to the next generation.  This is why we call our bead & jewelry shop "Heirloom Classics".