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Exiting New Product In Store


Judy has had so much success with this product that we have

decided to carry it in our store.  This is not REALLY a bead product,

but we know many that might benefit from it. 


We are now carrying CBD Oil in our store.  We are VERY EXCITED to be able to offer this product. After doing a

great amount of research on the subject, we settled on

this brand because it offers a great product at a fair price. 

All of these products are manufactured from the Hemp

plant.  They follow all the laws of Indiana including a QR

code that lets you see the product from Seed to Product,

third party testing to assure that what is stated on the container is, in fact, what you are getting, and all have

less than 0.3% THC content.


There are three different formulations in this brand, Raw, or the

Brown group.  This is the group that has the

lowest concentration of CBD in it.  The Total Plant Complex group, or Green group.  And the Gold Formula.  Judy can explain much more when you come into the store than this space allows.


This product is offered in drops, spray, soft-gels, gummies, and balms, so if this is something you

are interested in, there should be a fit for your













Heirloom Classics    

Where Beads Become Jewelry


Can you

Imagine it
Owning your very own bead store?

As many of you know, Judy has been in poor health for some time.  Even though it is breaking our hearts, hers especially, the store is for sale.


With so many pleading with us "Not to Close", we would love to see it go to someone that would appreciate it, and give it the love we have.  Since we are the ONLY INDEPENDENT bead store in town, there is a higher demand than ever for this store to continue. 



You Won't Be Alone!


Please don't fear that you won't have the contacts, etc.  Judy is willing to help guide you and introduce you to the vendors.  She will make sure that the customers feel as comfortable with you as they have with us.


If you are truly interested, please contact us.  We will sit down with you and discuss the excellent potential for this business.



How Many Seed Beads Are In This Tube?

We get this question almost every day, so we are se-sending this information.  We hope it helps.

The Number of beads vary by size, number of holes, manufacturers and shapes.  The best way for me to tell you  about the number of beads is to tell you the approximate count in a gram.  I hope this helps everyone.



Keep an eye out for our next email blast in this series:  "How Many Multi-Hole Seed Beads in a Gram"








Heirloom Classics-Jewelry and Beads
Where Beads Become Jewelry


Czech Hanks of Many Colors


We also found a bargain on over 30 colors and 2 sizes of Czech Hanks.  The weight is at least 35 grams each and prices range from $3.99 and up.  These are also an one time purchase so come in while there is lots to choose from.



Spring Break Fun With The Younger Set


Want to have something special to do with the kids for Spring Break. Schedule a mini-class.  Let them have some fun, make something special, and don't tell them that they might actually learn something.  That will be our secret.  Call Judy to schedule a private class.  These days are filling quickly, so make sure you get the date and time that is good for you by scheduling early. 



1311 East Prospect Street

Indianapolis, IN 46203