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You Asked For Them

                   -Now They're Here                  

Date: March 1, 2014 - Issue #0072014


     We have back in stock the cute little bottles of bicones that everyone keeps asking for.  These little beauties are only here for a short time - just  for the Trunk Show.

     So hurry in, before your best friend buys them all, and you know who I'm talking to - Miss D.

We also got some adorable 3mm cubes in on strands.  They are normally going to be $5.99 but during the Trunk Show we have decided to sell them for just $3.99.   Since we can't all go to a tropical island, let's just dream and make something that is so delicious we feel like we are some place that is warm, and dry, and has lots of sunshine.

It's Time to Bring in Your Necklace Contest Entries


Please don't forget to bring in your entries for the Food Pantry-Necklace Contest.  If you have any questions about what this is, just call.  But we need your entries NOW!




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Our Annual Food Pantry Necklace Making Contest Is Almost Here

Get Your Entries Ready


    About this time every year we put out a "Call to Artists" for entries into our Necklace Making Contest.  Some of you are already familiar with what we do in this contest, but for those that aren't, here's the inside story.


    Each customer that wishes to, brings in their jewelry piece.  We keep it here in the store for the months of March and April.  In those months, you, your family and friends and complete strangers can vote on which necklace they like best (yours, of course) by bringing in Food Pantry Items to donate to a local food pantry.  We weigh each donation and submit the weight of the donated items toward the necklace voted for.


    At the end of the two months, the artists with the most weight win the best prizes.  Prizes in the past have included gift certificates from local Fountain Square merchants, our vendors, and, of course, prizes from our store.  We make sure that everyone receives something for their participation in the contest.  We have been doing this contest each year since we opened 4 years ago and to date have been able to donate over ONE TON of food pantry items.


      One of the neatest things is there is an organization that matches dollars for pounds of food.  So instead of you donating a jar of peanut butter that costs $3.99, that jar might weigh over a pound, so the church will also get a monetary gift from the organization on top of the food already donated.  This helps the food pantry purchase the things they are short of. 


    That's all because of YOUR involvement.


We tell everyone to vote early and vote often.  Stuff the ballot box.  After all, it's fun for us, but could mean the difference between someone eating or not. When the contest is over, you have the choice of whether to pick up your piece, or donate the piece to be auctioned off later in the year, by the church that has the food pantry.  You don't have to tell us which you want to do, or even decide, until you pick up your winnings and necklace.


    We will be accepting your pieces from now until the end of February, so get your creativity flowing, make something amazing, win something and do a great thing for the community.


    It doesn't matter where you are on your path of jewelry making.  Everybody is welcome and encouraged to enter a piece.  Remember that even us "old timers" were once just beginning.  We all had to start at the beginning and advance from there.  So don't worry if you have only been doing this for two weeks or two decades. 


     By the way, last year, I convinced a student to enter one of the very first pieces she had EVER made.  It won 2nd place.  Can you imagine what she will create once she has time, knowledge and experience under her belt?  So that just shows you, it doesn't matter where you are on your jewelry-making journey, if people like it, they will vote on it.  And if you have enough relatives------hey, I'm just saying----LOL


    So get your necklace-making mojo working, and get something to us.




This is just some of the food and products that we've received for the food pantry.  The table almost buckled with this amount.  I'd love to see at least twice as much donated this year, so even if you don't enter something in the contest, please bring something to vote with.  Every little bit helps!!!!!!!!!!




Personal Learning

Are you looking

for someone to help you get started the right way in Jewelry Making? 


Are you looking for instruction in a particular stitch or style?  Do you need help figuring out how to do closed loops the right wayIf this is you, or if you have similar needs and questions, I might be your answer.



   I design classes around you.  ---  Judy Champa
        Classes are small.  As small as "one on one".


     Click here for more information: