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Take advantage of Ed's

  "Don't Ask  Any Questions"



    As some of you already know, Judy is FINALLY getting her cataract fixed on Wednesday, July 8th.  While she is away, Ed, her dear husband will be "manning' the store.  He is absolutely a genius at computers, but when it comes to beads, well, he is very good at ringing up their sales. 


    So please come help him feel needed with our "Don't Ask Any Questions" sale.  Strands of beads with a price of 19.99 will be on sale for a whopping 50% off.  There are some limitations to this offer.  Maximum of 5 strands, cannot be combined with any other offer, including Gemstone of the Month and Clearance Items.


    The "Don't ask any questions" part just means that he probably won't be able to help you with  beading advice.  Please come in and say "Hi", and see what you can put together with this exceptional offer. 


    Judy  MIGHT be back in the store after she gets her surgical patch removed in the late afternoon of Thursday, July 9th, but it depends on how her eye heals.  We ask you to keep her in your prayers.