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"Don't Ask Questions" Sale moves to Mondays



Judy is taking Mondays off.


She's been working six days a week, and she needs the time off to stimulate her creative juices and recover.


Ed will be "manning" the store on Mondays, but he is not a beader.  So, We Are Having A Monday Sale!  1) don't ask him any questions about beading, and 2) buy any 2 strands and take 1/2 off the marked price --- ONLY on Mondays --- ONLY from Ed.  Clearance and Gemstone of the Month strands are excluded from this sale.

Speaking of sales - we still have Czech glass strands left.  These are clearance beads, located on the black triangular display up front.  Buy two strands and get three strands for free.  You just pay for the two most expensive strands.  No limit!

Ed Ed Champa 317-717-5578 (cell) 317-495-1102 (store) 1311 E. Prospect Street Historic Fountain Square Indianapolis, IN 46203


Successful Surgery

Judy had a cataract removed from her left eye Monday morning.  We were in and out of the hospital in just 3 hours.  The surgery itself took just 15 minutes!  All went well, and in a few days she should have her good eyesight restored in that eye.  Praise the Lord for the skill of her medical team.  She should be back to work Monday Afternoon (July 14).


"Don't Ask Any Questions" SALE!!!

With Judy out, Ed is "manning" the store.  He knows computers, but not beads.  So, we having a sale!  Just don't ask Ed for advise.  Strands of beads with a price of up to $19.99 are on sale for a whopping 50% off.  Sale excludes Gemstone of the Month and clearance items.  There is a limit of 5 strands.


Gemstone of the Month

Due to a glitch in the system, we have two Gemstones for sale this month: 

Red Creek Jasper and Smoky Quartz.  These are sale priced, and they come in an excellent selection of cuts.  Right now there is excellent choice.


Heirloom Classics - Jewelry & Beads

Judy & Ed Champa


1311 Prospect Street

Historic Fountain Square

Indianapolis, IN 46203


phone:  317-495-1102


hours:  daily        11-7

           Saturday  11-5

           Sundays    closed




FREE parking on the side.

Warm welcome on the inside.



Take advantage of Ed's

  "Don't Ask  Any Questions"



    As some of you already know, Judy is FINALLY getting her cataract fixed on Wednesday, July 8th.  While she is away, Ed, her dear husband will be "manning' the store.  He is absolutely a genius at computers, but when it comes to beads, well, he is very good at ringing up their sales. 


    So please come help him feel needed with our "Don't Ask Any Questions" sale.  Strands of beads with a price of 19.99 will be on sale for a whopping 50% off.  There are some limitations to this offer.  Maximum of 5 strands, cannot be combined with any other offer, including Gemstone of the Month and Clearance Items.


    The "Don't ask any questions" part just means that he probably won't be able to help you with  beading advice.  Please come in and say "Hi", and see what you can put together with this exceptional offer. 


    Judy  MIGHT be back in the store after she gets her surgical patch removed in the late afternoon of Thursday, July 9th, but it depends on how her eye heals.  We ask you to keep her in your prayers.