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Stop the Presses


Heirloom Classics' Owners Actually Taking A Few Days Off


    We have decided to take a few days just for ourselves to try and recuperate from the busy season that has just passed. We will re-open the doors on January 2, 2015 during regular business hours.



    I will be working on a few ideas while they are gone, things that will, hopefully, excite and inspire you. But I will be the first to admit that you guys give me so much more inspiration than I could ever muster on my own. 


A Special Message To Our Devoted Customers

Thank You.


     Each of you have been blessings in our lives this year.  You have helped make this year one of creativity, fun, and love.   Please always know how much we appreciate you.  We are the first to understand that without each of you, we could not exsist as Heirloom Classics.


    We wish happiness, health, and love, to each of you.  May this coming year supply all the things you really need in life.

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December, 19, 2014

Don't Have Time To Make Something Yourself?



    Remember, we have finished jewelry pieces here.  If the holidays have been too rushed and you still want that "one-of-a-kind" gift for someone special,  come and get something that Judy or one of our other designers have created.  You can go to our website to see examples of the work.


Don't Know What To Tell The People That Ask "What Do YOU Want For Christmas".


    We always have gift certificates.  They can be purchased in any denomination, so if the kids have saved their pennies to get you something you REALLY want, or if you are like me, and have most of the "stuff" you actually need in life, send them in.  We will be happy to create a gift certificate of any value requested. 



And Don't Forget the Strand of the Month Club









A wonderful stocking stuffer that keeps on giving throughout the year.  What a great way to tell someone you care all year long.

And be sure to check out the unique products we are now carrying.  We have men's and women's socks, beautiful winter scarves, and some novel women's tops.  So be sure to explore our new Boutique area for more gifts.

Heirloom Classics-Where Beads Become Jewelry - 317/495/1102 - www.Heirloom-Classics.com

1311 East Prospect Street, Indianapolis, IN 46203


A Great Deal Can Be Had By All


    As we hinted  a few emails ago, we have an opportunity to offer you.  In the beginning, we will be offering this only to our email customers.  And later, it will be introduced to the general public.


    Here's the skinny.  We've decided to offer a "Bead Club".  But we are going to do it a little bit different than most similar clubs we have seen.  We are going to give YOU THE CHOICE of strands.


 Purchase an Heirloom Classics  Bead Club Card for only $29.99, and for the next 365 days you can come in once a month and choose a strand of beads with the value of 9.99 or less for a total of ten times.



    With this Bead Club offer, it's like you are getting $9.99 strands for less than $3.00 each.


Some restrictions apply:  Not valid on trunk show, Gemstone of the Month, sale, or clearance items.

One card per person.  Owner must be present to choose their strand.  One strand per month.






You Choose Your Strand




We Don't Make Your Purchasing Decision For You



So Come in Today-And Become a Charter Member of this "Different Kind of Bead Club"

Heirloom Classics-Jewelry and Beads



The Gemstone of the Month

Beautiful African Turquoise offered for December

If you've been waiting for the perfect Gemstone, this just might be it. 


African Turquoise is mined in Africa and is actually a type of spotted teal jasper rather than turquoise. It is given its industry name because the matrix structure and shade is similar to that of turquoise being light bluish-green. Some spiritualists believe that African Turquoise will attract money to the wearer.


Who of us can't use a little extra money?  Oh, I almost forgot, it is also in a matte finish.  The matte finish makes this gemstone an even more remarkable find.  We think you will be very happy with it.


Hurry in to see it and get your share before someone else buys it all up.  (and you know who you are) Remember, after it has been replaced with next month's Gemstone of the Month, it will be offered at regular prices.


So while the prices are low, come get your share, and some for your twin, too.  We just know this is one you will be very happy with.




Where Beads Become Jewelry

Gold Snowflake Obsidian


We have restarted our "Gemstone of the Month" program.  The current beauty is the strands of Gold Snowflake Obsidian.  This is a beautiful gemstone in about a dozen differnt cuts.  Come see for yourself and enrich your bead collection!

Look and see what's new at Heirloom Classics!

We've added to our bead collection.

Come see for yourself.