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It's Monday Again

Judy is off and Ed is running the show!  Today is "Don't Ask Ed" Monday.  Come in and shop and choose any two strands of beads for 1/2 off.  Rules are simple:  Don't ask Ed any beading questions, and mention this email special.  Glass or gemstone:  pick two strands and get half off the marked price.  Today only!

Don't Ask Ed Monday


Ed doesn't know much about the craft of beading.  He does know a bit about computers.  (He is a Microsoft rep).


Leave your home:

get in your car:

brave the cold:

come shopping:

get rewarded:

with half off on any two strands of beads.


Our store is filled with light


We believe that seeing what you wish to buy is important.  So, we have filled the store with 6500 kelvin white light.  The ceiling lamps are white, the cabinet lights are white and the side wall lamps are white.

And this is important WHY???


With white light you can see colors more clearly.  You can judge hues and shades more accurately.  You will know what you are buying.  We believe you will be more satisfied with your shopping experience here.

Hours:  M-F 11-7        Saturday 11-5            Closed Sundays     Call:  (317) 495-1102