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Would you like to create beautiful jewelry like this???


See Judy:



Classes are availble.

Schedules to meet your needs.

Bring a friend (or two). 


Click here for for details:


See Judy:



Classes are available.

Schedules to meet your needs.

Bring a friend (or two). 


Click here for for details:


See Judy:



Classes are availble.

Schedules to meet your needs.

Bring a friend (or two). 


Click here for for details:


Heirloom Classics - Jewelry & Beads

1311 E. Prospect Street

Indianapolis, IN 46203


Hours:  11-7 daily

             11-5 Saturdays

             Closed Sundays


Call:   (317) 495-1102


Web site:  www.heirloom-classics.com


Judy Champa - Resident Artist


Good News!
How about some GOOD NEWS for a change?

According to Time Magazine, July 28 edition, "Nearly seven years after the onset of the Great Recession, the National Mood remains troubled."


"Despite the pessimistic mood, America is experiencing a profound comeback."  In terms of the growth outlook, the news is good:  Forecasters project a 3.3% growth rate for the remainder of 2014. The best job-creation rate in 15 years.Total household wealth and private employment surpassed 2008 levels last year. Income growth will improve soon too.  America is finally returning to where it was seven years ago.  As halting as the U.S. recovery has been, the economy is now leaner and more capable of healthy, sustained growth through 2016 and beyond.  It is all being turbocharged by an energy boom nobody saw coming.


Also, crime rates, teen pregnancy and carbon emissions are down; public-education outcomes are improving dramatically; inflation in health care costs is at a half-century low.


Americans may still feel discontented, but winter is finally over.

So - Let's Start Beading Again!!!


This store started life as "Boca Loca Beads", and in April just four years ago it became Heirloom Classics - Jewelry and Beads. 

        Our objective is to be your bead supply store,

        your place to escape into beading,

        your place to receive help and inspiration,

        your place to discover the many, many facets and joys of making your own jewelry.  


If you have been inactive in beading, come see Judy and get re-charged, re-generated, re-invigorated!!!  Judy can be an inspiration and a motivational agent for you, and she can be a valuable beading resource.


We look forward to serving you.


Ed & Judy Champa

August 4, 2014


July 18, 2014

Bead Scavenger Basket Returns!!!!




     Once again, we've listened to our customers.  We used to have a basket on the front table that had glass beads in it.  You could pick through it and fill up a 3X3 inch zip bag with the beads.  The cost was just $3.00 per bag.  Our only rule was that the bag had to be able to zip up. 


      We lost the vendor that offered them, and then could not find good quality beads. So we decided not to offer them any more.  We had many, many customers that were disappointed.  Ever since then, Judy has been looking for more.


      She has finally gotten a new supplier and the beads are beautiful.  Come in and see them. We will be offering them at the same price as before, BUT, for the next week only, we will be offering them for JUST $2.29.  This is for our Email customers ONLY, so be sure and tell us that you have seen this offer in our newsletter. CONSIDER THIS A VERBAL COUPON.


The same rules apply as originally.......you must be able to close the zip bag.


Offer good 7/24/2014 thru 7/31//2014 



New Group Classes Coming This Fall


    Our very own L.B. has been working hard to perfect her skills in Torch-fired Enameling.  She's had a great time playing, but she's now ready to teach it.  We're exited to announce that she will begin offering this class in the fall.  Keep an eye out for this class.


   We are also quite happy to be bringing back Group Silversmithing Classes.  A protege of our Silversmith Emeritus, Jerry Day, has stepped up to say he will begin teaching the class beginning in 3 to 4 weeks.  This just happens to be L.B's husband, Tim.  She (and Jerry Day) will vouch for him.


    Even though we don't have exact  dates on these classes set yet,  we suggest that you call to get your name on the list , as we expect these classes to fill quickly.


We've Been Nominated Again

For the IndyAList

Please Help us make it to 1st place this year.
It's simple to do. Just hit the words "IndyAList" and it will take you to our page. If you registered with the IndyAList last year or the year before, you are already registered. If you haven't voted before, the registeration process is quick and simple.

Last year we made it to 3rd place, and the year before, I think we got 4th or 5th. This year we would really like to get first place.




Personal Learning

Are you looking

for someone to help you get started the right way in Jewelry Making? 


Are you looking for instruction in a particular stitch or style?  Do you need help figuring out how to do closed loops the right wayIf this is you, or if you have similar needs and questions, I might be your answer.



   I design classes around you.  ---  Judy Champa
        Classes are small.  As small as "one on one".


     Click here for more information: