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Inside the Bead Store

Our store is FOR SALE. 

Ed is 70 years old and Judy is in poor health.  It's time to retire.

We have well over $260,000 in inventory (at retail) plus fixtures and specialty items.

Asking price is $200,000. 

Scroll down to see photos of the major fixtures and specialty items.

Building is leased.

View from the front door


Entrance facing left


 Czech Beads

Base Metal Findings - Copper, Brass, etc.

Seed Beads


Entrance facing right

Trunk Show Beads - Wood and Pearl strands

Gold and Silver Findings and high end Gemstones .

Gemstones from around the World

1.               Bead Table – not pictured above

2.               Workbench – not pictured above


3.               Glass Case – cabochons

4.               Glass Case – not pictured above – prayer beads










5.               Glass Case – rings

6.               Glass Case – pendants










7.               Bead Table – all wood


8.            Display Case - Lampwork beads

9.               Display Case - Skull beads

10.                        Display Case – gold findings

11.                        Display Case – silver findings

12.                        Display Case – Swarovski crystals – small

13.                        Display Case – Swarovski crystals – large

14.                        Sales Counter

15.                        Magazine rack

16.                        Display rack – 4 Sided

17.                        Twin Glass Displays


Below are Specialty Items included in the sale:
Most of the wooden chests are used to display beads.












If you are interested in owning your own bead shop, talk to Judy